Semi-structured improvisation and elements of composition using drums, electronics, vintage yamaha keyboard and a drum synthesizer.

gerri jäger photo thijs geritz

“The highlight of the first REWIRE festival day was the solo performance by drummer Gerri Jäger, who had wired his kit onto a tangle of electronics. The fact that he knew so well to find his way in a setting in which he processed drums and cymbals and simultaneously operated synthesizers, FX pedals and a mini-keyboard, aroused amazement and admiration. Above all he managed to make exciting music with such virtuosity, and the help of sound engineer Sandor Caron.” Gonzo Circus, Rene van Peer

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Past solo performances
OT301, Amsterdam
Stedelijk Museum Modern Art, Amsterdam
(on short film Canoe (red) of Jeroen Eisinga)
Karnatic Lab Festival, Amsterdam
Sound Of The Underground Festival, Amsterdam
Magneet Festival, Amsterdam
Détour Festival, Amsterdam
Club 100, Zaal 100, Amsterdam
De Ruimte, Amsterdam
Rewire Festival, The Hague
FAQ Festival, Den Bosch
Haekem, Brussels, Belgium
Hoerthoert Festival, Vienna
Modern Body Lab Festival, The Hague
Studio Loos, The Hague
Vrooom, Rotterdam
STEIM, Amsterdam