All Us Dada

ALL US DADA is a journey through the darkness of the system, we have created. A trip of 75 minutes, written and spoken by Gerindo Kartadinata, merged with the immersive music of Gerri Jäger.

concept & text: Gerindo Kartadinata
drums/synths/electronics & composition: Gerri Jäger
recording & mixing: Sandor Caron
video: Alek Riquelme
special thanks to: Manuel Boutreur, Saskia de Jong, Julien McHardy and Lorin Brasser.
made possible with the support of the Performing Arts Fund NL

ALL US DADA is a rant. An invocation. An extensive effort to keep sane in the destructive and contradictory reality we live in. Torn apart between rejection, ignorance, apathy and resistance, floating in an absurd world, in which exploitation is a ruling force and constant cognitive dissonance leads to the acceptance of abuse. ALL US DADA integrates critics on the media and the economic system, with the necessity to overcome the alienation from nature and its destruction.