Knalpot + Frank Wienk (Binkbeats)

“Two progressive giants in the crossover of improvisation and electronics are joining forces for the first time. Knalpot, featuring Gerri Jäger, Raphael Vanoli and Sandor Caron, describes itself as one of the most uncompromising electronic rock acts of today. And they prove it in every show, when drone sounds mix with pop songs, mix distorted drums with Bach-like guitar and otherworldly guitars are amplified by synths. Now they are going to work together with Frank Wienk, aka Binkbeats. This producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist knows better than anyone how to transform organic sounds into electronic music. In short: an interaction that is guaranteed to blow you away! (Bimhuis)

Frank Wienk: percussion / keys / electronics
Raphael Vanoli: guitar / electronics / bass-synth
Gerri Jäger: drums / synths / electronics
Sandor Caron: sound design

Live at the Bimhuis Amsterdam, premiere in 2020.
Recording: Sandor Caron, Video: Micha de Kanter
Light: Philip ten Brink, Live Sound: Ron Ruiten.

Knalpot press:

An inventive collective that is in extraordinary control over instruments and effects. (Enola)

Music for creative and innovative souls. (Draai om je oren)

An electroacoustic force of great energetic implications. (Jazzconvention) 

It is amazing how much variation they create in their music. The energy seems inexhaustible. (GONZO circus)

Binkbeats press:

“Sophisticated, soulful music that goes from gentle rain to earth-shattering thunder. (The Gaslamp Killer)

Unnervingly talented. (Boiler Room)

Binkbeats continues to wow audiences and fans worldwide with his multifaceted, experimental journeys of sound. (The Playground)

“He used a gong for the sub bass.. a GONG!!! (Random YouTube Commenter)