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Over the past 15 years Knalpot’s Gerri Jäger, Raphael Vanoli and Sandor Caron have become a strong working trio. They belong to the most uncompromising electronic rock acts of this day and have performed extensively all over Europe, Russia and Brazil including many major festivals. They have collaborated with Manu Delago and Graduale Nobili (Björk), Rabih Beaini (Morphosis), Eirikur Olafsson (Sigur Rós, mùm), Jozef Dumoulin (Keiji Heino), Fred Frith (John Zorn, Mike Patton), Aardvarck (Rednose District) and Ensemble Klang.

The latest album “Dierendag” (SHHPUMA/Clean Feed) marks a new chapter and shows that the band surpassed itself with an even more massive and unique sounddesign and singular approach: Drone-zone walls fluently morph into a pop song, big-time distorted drums mingle with sweet Bach-like guitar, otherworldly blown guitars are layered with processed drums and synths. The new tracks are more danceable while Knalpot trademarks like vivid energy, stumble-grooves and their omnipresent sense of joy, freshness and freedom remain.

Gerri Jäger: drums, synths, electronics
Raphael Vanoli: guitars, electronics, bass-synth
Sandor Caron: sounddesign

KNALPOT has played on festivals like SKIF St. Petersburg (RU), Eurosonic Groningen (NL), NuMusic and 12Points Stavanger (NO), NorthSeaJazz Rotterdam (NL), Exit Novi Sad (SER), Lowlands Biddinghuizen (NL), La Fabrika São Paulo (BRA), ADE Amsterdam (NL), Elevate Graz (AT), Rewire and State X New Forms The Hague (NL), Satta Outside Šventoji (LT) and ARCO Madrid (E) a.o.

“KNALPOT stands for development, inventiveness, acuteness and vitality. What else do you wish to get from music?” jazzenzo

“Despite their limited number, they manage to sound like a bastard hybrid of a load of Rune Grammofon and Warp bands – the skronk of Supersilent, the punk of MoHa, the mathematics of Battles, and the electronic of Pivot.” Scott McMillan