drums, electronics &
light installation


Compositions for drums, electronics and interactive light installation. A collaboration with light artist Meeus van Dis and programmer Boy van Ooijen. Made possible with the support of the Performing Arts Fund NL & creative industries fund NL. 

The project enablerefresh is reflecting on the pressing issue of digital propaganda and its consequences. 

While developing audio-visual software to sync the drumkit and the visual, we made an attempt to anthropomorphize a custom build news ticker. The ongoing prototyping is in pursuit of a mild retina burn making use of a text-based-light-effect.

Sentences reflecting on the theme of digital propaganda are propelled by Gerri engaging his contact-microphoned and electronic enhanced drumkit.


First try-out concert at Paradiso Amsterdam in january 2020. Pictures by Mike Brooker, video by Kasper Vogelzang.

gerri jäger paradiso 2020 by mike brooker 1

feedback from the audience:

“Sound was visual, as if my ears were looking and my eyes were listening. Great!” Hans van Houwelingen, visual artist

“As an audience you fell into a trance and all you could do was listen to this incomparable and compelling drumming, which continued to fascinate until the very end.” Nicolette Gast, Curator visual arts.

“Impressive! Gerri connects sound, light and performance very convincingly, exploring the intersection of different disciplines in a unique way.” Aernout Mik, visual artist, installation and film maker

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