Rational X World

Rational X World is a trio dedicated to improvised music with recorders, drums and electronics. The group played the soundtrack to the experimental short film ANSAGE ENDE by Stijn Verhoeff & Sjoerd Leijten. 

Its experimental musical score strengthens the joyful militancy of the activists and leads the narrative of the film to a third location: an old barn. Here, surrounded by animals and farm life, three musicians play music; their tunes travel to the many corners of the farm. With subverting fragments of text mixed through the music, they call for more radical action and hint at overthrowing the economic elite.

A short, but poignant sci-fi excursion ends ANSAGE ENDE, shedding dystopic light on our shared future, while a megaphone choir suggests a collective uprising: “The seas are rising and so are we!”

Verena Barie – flutes
Gerri Jäger – drums & drum synth
Sjoerd Leijten – electronics

Available to perform a live soundtrack to the film.