Maximal Music: Ensemble Klang + Knalpot

3. RASA-20140510 Bob Bongers

Ensemble Klang is a giant in the contemporary music scene. With their unique way of working, they have attracted young, talented composers, with success. Their CD Waves, with compositions by Peter Adriaansz, was awarded five stars by NRC Handelsblad.
The Amsterdam duo Knalpot combines drums and guitar with a wide range of electronics, thus creating adventurous electro rock with influences from dub, ambient and noise. Music magazine OOR said about Knalpot: ‘The best kept secret of Amsterdam pop music.’
From score parts, riffs and samples, Klang and Knalpot have created completely new textures with the physical impact of a rock band: hard, complex and overwhelming. The result: Maximal Music!.

Anton van Houten – trombone; Erik-Jan de With & Michiel van Dijk – saxophone; Gerri Jãger – drums, electronics, casio; Joey Marijs – percussion; Pete Harden – guitar; Raphael Vanoli – guitar, Electronics, casio; Saskia Lankhoorn – keyboard instruments; Sandor Caron & Clare Gallagher – sound, Meeus van Dis – light design, visuals; Martha Colburn – video animations.