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EKE consists of Oscar Jan Hoogland on electric chlavichord, reed player Yedo Gibson and drummer Gerri Jäger and the group stands at the top of improvised music in the Netherlands. The group played together for the first time in 2007 and this quickly led to performances in Brazil and at numerous venues in Europe. The intimidating and anarchic nature of the music challenges listeners. In live shows the trio creates new compositions that are full of contrasts and use elements of jazz, punk and noise. The unspoken communication between the three musicians is striking. (North Sea Jazz Festival program 2013)

“New York Times – Best concerts of 2012: EKE live at Delicatessen, Amsterdam 6th of october 2012″

“I loved EKE’s set. Congrats on an amazing show. Great approach to the drums and percussion and the trio has never been in better form than with you three. I loved seeing EKE play live. The prepared clavichord was wicked, and the sax playing was super imaginative and stellar.” joey burns (calexico)

Yedo Gibson: reeds
Oscar Jan Hoogland: electric clavichord
Gerri Jäger: drums, percussion

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