Bandwidth + Gerri Jäger


bandwidth_full size_min by roman zotter

BANDWIDTH consists of David Vilayleck aka Ayankoko and Mathieu Garrouste from Paris. Their radical sound manipulations are based on sound extraction with laptop, turntables, electric guitar, filters and other potential sources. Both soft minimal noisiness and sonic radicalism that opts for a more extreme volume are the dynamic and aesthetic frames of their improvisations – music inspired by digital noise based on the principle of interruption. Very fond of playing with guests BANDWIDTH is accompanied by Amsterdam based Austrian drummer Gerri Jäger on drums, electronics and percussion. The result of this collaboration are abstract landscapes, post-industrial and contemporary ambient noise music. Two EP’s are out on HAK Lo-Fi and MOOZAK Records (available as tape cassette, CD (contact me) & stream/download on bandcamp) . 

Ayankoko: ppooll on Max/MSP
Mathieu Garrouste: electronics, tapes
Gerri Jäger: drums, percussion, casio, electronics