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Gerri is the band leader of this international group of great talents. He put it together for a set during the Bimhuis October Meeting Festival in 2016. Without rehearsing they played fifteen minutes of fluent and vibrant semi-composed music. A year later he extended the repertoire a full set of stubborn compositions and infectious

improvisation concepts. The music was successfully premiered at the Gerri Jäger Carte Blanche concert at the Bimhuis Amsterdam and during the Get Close to Talent Concert Series at the Korzo in The Hague.


“Instruments in free fall, a musical amusement park of uninhibited tumbling and daredevil acrobatics.” (Korzo)

Dark, hypnotic, very nicely composed and played super tight.” (FRNKFRT, Peter Bruyn)

STUG, remember that name, we will hear more from them.” (Draai om je oren, Ben Taffijn)

The group sometimes literally whispered with the instruments to suddenly switch to noisy Electro-jazz with exciting timbre.” (Trouw, Mischa Andriessen)

Sofia Jernberg: vocals, sampler
Joachim Badenhorst: clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor, electronics
Raphael Vanoli: guitar, electronics
Petter Eldh: electric bass, synthesizer
Gerri Jäger: drums, electronics, compositions
Sandor Caron: sound


Gerri Jäger DOUBLE DUO

4tet b&w noise + logo

The sound of the quartet is great. A kind of deliberately stuttering and jerky post-rock. You could even put the label ‘industrial’ on it – especially when Vanoli begins to process the strings with a spanner and the group starts producing heavy emergency weather drones. Then there is no more escape possible. Pop and entertainment music usually has an escapistic function. The music of Gerri Jäger is the opposite. It can be heard as the oppressive sound of the zeitgeist. FRNKFRT (Peter Bruyn)

Raphael Vanoli: guitar, electronics
Giray Gürkal: guitar, electronics
Frank Rosaly: drums, electronics
Gerri Jäger: drums, electronics, composition
Sandor Caron: sound



grafwerk 72dpi raoul hilbink.jpg

                                                                                                                    photo: Raoul Hilbink

Sannety: sequencer
Gerri: drums and electronics

In essence this is a duo of two drummers: One playing percussive sounds with an electronic instrument, and the other playing electronic sounds with an acoustic instrument.

Sanne plays a sequencer of her own design (programmed in Max/MSP by Johan van Kreij) that can mangle time and patterns while keeping relationships between sequences in tact. Time can expand and contract, curve or be subdivided in any way that you want, creating polyrhythms on a micro-timing level. Further algorithms allow you to play with different parameters of the sound,so the temporal gestures are reflected in volume, duration, panning, control of filters, repetitions etc.

Gerri wires a self-made effect rig to his drum-set. it consists of customised stomp boxes, a bitcrusher, a drum synthesizer and a sample pad. Each element of his acoustic drums-set is connected with a contact microphone and therefore can be modified in multiple ways and trigger the synthesizer and samples. Gerri has been developing this set-up for about 10 years.

Departing from this rich sound palette, they are working on abstracting just the right mix between analogue and digital sound, improvisation and structure, odds and evens, and creating a coherent set that’s just as club-worthy as it is arty (no farty. just the party).


Loud Matter


New live set in the making.

Marieke Verbiesen: live animation
Mark Vandenheuvel aka Monodeer: GameBoy
Gerri Jäger: drums & electronics