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EKE consists of Oscar Jan Hoogland on electric chlavichord, reed player Yedo Gibson and drummer Gerri Jäger and the group stands at the top of improvised music in the Netherlands. The group played together for the first time in 2007 and this quickly led to performances in Brazil and at numerous venues in Europe. The intimidating and anarchic nature of the music challenges listeners. In live shows the trio creates new compositions that are full of contrasts and use elements of jazz, punk and noise. The unspoken communication between the three musicians is striking. (North Sea Jazz Festival program 2013)

“New York Times – Best concerts of 2012: EKE live at Delicatessen, Amsterdam 6th of october 2012″

“I loved EKE’s set. Congrats on an amazing show. Great approach to the drums and percussion and the trio has never been in better form than with you three. I loved seeing EKE play live. The prepared clavichord was wicked, and the sax playing was super imaginative and stellar.” joey burns (calexico)

Yedo Gibson: reeds
Oscar Jan Hoogland: electric clavichord
Gerri Jäger: drums, percussion

EKE home page



KNALPOT paraplui 300 DPI

oddstream nijmegen 2011

With dub, rock, electronic noise, ambient and jazz as its main pillars, KNALPOT‘s sound always remains an utterly hybrid mix of many genres, scraping the borders to trance with their very own stumble-grooves. During concerts they keep reinterpreting their compositions in a virtuoso way of multitasking between bass, guitar, casio’s, drums and big amounts of analogue electronics, creating sonic whirlwinds and wall-of-sound goodness that alternate with whispery-soft sections. This austrian/french/german duo operates from its home-base Amsterdam and has reached the status of one the Netherlands most exciting live-bands since the release of their debut-release Serious Outtakes in 2009. Even though KNALPOT appears as a duo on stage, third band member soundman Sandor Caron shapes their sound with great aesthetics, both live and in the studio.

“KNALPOT stands for development, inventiveness, acuteness and vitality. What else do you wish to get from music?” jazzenzo

“Despite their limited number, they manage to sound like a bastard hybrid of a load of Rune Grammofon and Warp bands – the skronk of Supersilent, the punk of MoHa, the mathematics of Battles, and the electronic of Pivot.” Scott McMillan

Raphael Vanoli: Fender VI, electronics, casio
Gerri Jäger: drums, percussion, electronics, synth, casio
Sandor Caron: sound engineering


Live at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, Worm Rotterdam, january 2013

Knalpot feat. Fred Frith, Lantaren Venster Rotterdam, february 2013


Knalpot Dub


KNALPOT DUB is a Knalpot side project focusing on the dub side of things: more groove, more bass, less hectic/angular and more flow. All while keeping Knalpot’s trademark stumble-grooves, interplay, deep electronic sound-design and noisy rock-outs as they are. For this new direction Knalpot is teaming up with Carlos Dalla Fiore (Studio De Zwarte Molen) on electronics.

Raphael Vanoli: Fender VI, electronics, casio
Gerri Jäger: drums, synth, casio
Carlos Dalla Fiore: dubs & processing
Sandor Caron: sound engineering


Live at STEIM Amsterdam, december 2013

Live at OCCII Amsterdam, december 2015


Naked Wolf

naked-wolf-1-by-erik-smits-2016Ponderous rock rhythms meet free improvisations, jazz meets pop and world music, catchy song structures meet an ecstatic sound machine that produces high-voltage artificial sound storms far removed from the jazz mainstream, presenting a cheeky, boisterous challenge to our listening habits. (Südtirol Jazzfestival)

Wild, hypnotic rock energy and clever improvisations with rapid changes in mood and pulse, poetic rap lyrics and danceable tight grooves. This ensemble didn’t rest for a second, bursting with uncompromised joy and playful creativity that highlighted the strong personalities of each musician. (All About Jazz)

Felicity Provan: trumpet, vocals
Mika Szafirowski: el. guitar, vocals
Luc Ex: acoustic bass guitar
Yedo Gibson: reeds
Gerri Jäger: drums


Live at Alternativa Festival Prague, nov 2015



by Erik Smits

Poker is Jarno van Es’ quartet with outstanding musicians from both the classical and the improvisation scene. All music is freely improvised.

Jarno van Es: Piano & synthesizer
Ziv Taubenfeld: Bass clarinet
Rob Dirksen: Bass
Gerri Jäger: Drums



Rooie Waas

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With screaming synths, thumping drums and nifty poetry Rooie Waas engaged themselves in surveying the boundaries between different genres of music and the limits of music itself. Rooie Waas (“seeing red”) is an electronic band formed in 2011 by the Dutch vocalist Gijs Borstlap and Finnish musician Mikael Szafirowski. In 2012 Narrominded released their debut album Het is maar een constatering, an immersion into the depths of sound and language. Repetition, slight nuances in intonation evoke what is in essence poetry in a mass of sound and syllables. The music consists of gestures in sound, or noise, organized in a manner closely related to more traditional pop-genres.

“Nationwide the best discovery of recent times.” (State X)

“The energy of a Rooie Waas live-set is for sure enough for one year surviving after a nuclear fall-out.” (Gonzo Circus)

Gijs Borstlap: cacophonator, vocals
Mikael Szafirowski: soft-synth, oscillator, vocals
Gerri Jäger: e-drums, vocals


ja, dus?

live at Melkweg, october 2015